Genius Goods International, LLC is a specialty online retailer that brings you the latest innovative products before other companies even know they exist. For example, we were among the first to bring you countertop dishwashers, the first in the US with propane coolers and the first with beer frosters.

We feel that our customers are those people that are ahead of the bell curve and named our corporation after our customers and our products... genius goods. By good happenstance, many of these new and innovative products are also green. They can be smaller, more effecient or remove the need for other appliances.

We want our customers to have an exellent shopping experience and with over 13 years of retail experience we are prepared to do just that. We want our customers to become repeat customers.

Our company began with a simple site commemorating Mother's day back in 1998 by our founder John Bottomley, and has grown ever since.

Genius Goods was one of the first to bring you countertop dishwashers, propane coolers and beer frosters.

Founded in 2003

Member in good standing BBB

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