Diamond Refrigeration got it start in an Amish community where hard work and quality values are cherished.

In order to meet the needs of the local people, the Miller brothers began taking old refrigerators, stripping out the electric components and installing propane powered absorption systems.

Their refrigerators were so popular that they began production of new units.

Diamond took on the challenge of making their refrigerators differentiated from their competition. For example, theirs is the only propane unit that offers an emergency fuse. In the event of a house fire, the pressure can build up from the heat and the unit can actually explode! So all Diamond units have an ermergency fuse to release pressure to prevent this.

Freezers made by Diamond keep your ice cream solid even during the summer.

Diamond propane refrigerators are silent, reliable and provide solid value for their cost.


Diamond is Amish owned and operated

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SHIPPING EXPLAINED : Many of our customers are in remote or inaccessible locations and freight companies cannot make direct deliveries. For these customers, we ship to the nearest freight terminal and the customer makes their pick up there. These remote customers are often already familiar with this system from other purchases. Terminal delivery is what the base shipping fee of $199 covers. If an 18 wheeled semi cannot get in and out of your street to make delivery, you must use the shipping terminal option.

We can sometimes arrange further shipment on a separate leg. For customers that have large-truck acces, we offer two choices; delivery to a commercial location for an additional $125 or to a residence for an additional $199. If we cannot arrange shipment to the home/business, that part of the cost will be refunded in full and the customer must pick up the unit at their freight terminal. Returns are not accepted for this reason, be able to pick up at the freight terminal in all instances.

The customer is responsible for knowing if a truck can make it in and out of their street, NOT the shipping company. If the shipping company has attempted and failed to make delivery due to restricted access and the customer has paid for home or commercial delivery, the shipping company will rightfully still demand payment for their time and effort. There will not be a refund of shipping costs and the customer will still be responsible for pickup.

Returns for refunds are not accepted because home/commercial delivery is unavailable for any reason. A home office is NOT a commercial location. Delivery to home or office is curbside. The shipping company cannot take your propane refrigerator into the building for you. Customers should be ready to move the unit with a handtruck or other means from the curb to where it needs to be.

The Bottom Line On Shipping: No matter what, you must have the ability to pick your purchase up at the freight terminal... and be prepared to do so if other shipping options fall through!