Our propane refrigerators are all shipped via freight carrier as they are too large to be sent via UPS, FedEx or the US Mail. Freight companies have different parameters than the parcel and letter services everyone is familiar with. While this may sound daunting, freight companies keep this entire country running and make deliveries of large items every day. They are very good at what they do and are reasonable to work with. Everything in the room you are in right now probably was on a freight truck.

Your shipping company will set the terms of delivery. We will work with the shipping agents to make delivery as convenient for the customer as possible, but the shipping company has final word. For example, if they cannot get in or out of a driveway, they will make the delivery curbside. The customer must be able and willing to move the item themselves.

All Customers must be able and willing to make a timely terminal pick up, no matter what other arrangements have been made... in every instance and in every case.
There are three points about large-item delivery:

Terminal deliveries. A freight company uses many terminals throughout the country. A terminal is generally a local warehouse that holds shipped items for further local distribution. Because the shipping company does not need to pay for the time and expense of local shipment, this is the least expensive of the options.

  • There is a reasonable time limit on how long a warehouse will hold an item without a fee, generally 48 hours.
  • Many of our customers live in remote locations and are by necessity familiar with the terminal delivery.
  • Inspect the item while there for shipping damages; report any immediately to the shipping company.
  • The shipping company is not responsible for shipping damages after you pick up from a terminal! This is only fair; having done their part they cannot be held responsible for customer generated shipping damages thereafter.

  • Commercial deliveries. This is delivery to a commercial location that has truck access, loading docks and other means to regularly accept commercial freight.
    • A home office, garage or home anything is not a commercial location for delivery purposes.
    • This is an inexpensive delivery option as the shipping company is going to a known location, can get in and out without difficulty. They can go on to make further deliveries without hindrance and can unload their items rapidly.
    • Report any shipping damage within 24 hours of delivery.

    • Home deliveries. This is what is sounds like, a freight delivery to a home. This may or not be available and is entirely up to the shipping company... but is very likely available. Home delivery is common sense. If you know a truck cannot easily reach your home, do not sign up for home delivery! Poor roads, sharp curves, steep hills, weight or size restrictions and no place for a truck to turn around may be reasons for terminal-only delivery. Customers are responsible for knowing, not the freight company so use common sense.

      • If a semi tractor can get in and out of your neighborhood, if there are no legal/structural restrictions to a truck doing so and you the customer guarantee that you will be available the day of delivery... you can have home delivery.
      • If for any reason a home delivery is unavailable at the sole discretion of the shipping company, the customer must be able to pick their shipment up at the terminal.
      • If a customer has paid for home delivery, and the shiping company cannot make delivery, the home delivery fee is not refundable and the customer must pick up at the terminal.
      • There is no returning a refrigerator for lack of home delivery!
      • The customer accepts the delivery at the time they sign for the item. In signing for the delivery, the customer is signing a legally binding document stating that the item was received in an undamaged condition.
      • In any and all instances without exception over the signing of the delivery contract, shipping damages must be reported within 24 hours to the shipping company. That is 24 hours from the minute of delivery not 24 hours from when the unit is unpackaged. Thereafter in any and all cases the delivery is complete, and no shipping claims considered.

Again... inspect your item for shipping damage at the time of delivery or freight pickup.

Shipping damage is covered by the shipping company; anything else is covered by the manufacturer. Within these conditions, customers are assured of getting a working, undamaged propane refrigerator.

Other Home Delivery Conditions

If the shipping company deems that a home delivery cannot be made and does not bill for that leg of delivery (weather it was attempted or not), and the customer picks the item up at the freight terminal, the home delivery charges of their purchase will be refunded in full.

Multiple delivery
Costs for multiple attempts for any reason (including weather and customer no-show) will be paid for by the customer.

Home delivery and hostile returns 
If a home delivery cannot be made and the customer demands a return, that customer will pay all shipping charges (inbound and outbound), any warehousing or storage costs any and all additional fees plus a 30% restocking charge. Genius Goods Inc will not take a loss for anyone that changes their mind or cannot abide by the terms of sale. This unfortunate situation is easily avoided. Only the customer will know about delivery restrictions and only the delivery company has final word, so be aware and honest in your shipping needs. One of the terms of sale is that the customer can pick up at the freight terminal whenever necessary and in every case.

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SHIPPING EXPLAINED : Many of our customers are in remote or inaccessible locations and freight companies cannot make direct deliveries. For these customers, we ship to the nearest freight terminal and the customer makes their pick up there. These remote customers are often already familiar with this system from other purchases. Terminal delivery is what the base shipping fee of $175 covers. If an 18 wheeled semi cannot get in and out of your street to make delivery, you must use the shipping terminal option.

We can sometimes arrange further shipment on a separate leg. For customers that have large-truck acces, we offer two choices; delivery to a commercial location for $125 or to a residence for $199. If we cannot arrange shipment to the home/business, that part of the cost will be refunded in full and the customer must pick up the unit at their freight terminal. Returns are not accepted for this reason, be able to pick up at the freight terminal in all instances.

The customer is responsible for knowing if a truck can make it in and out of their street, NOT the shipping company. If the shipping company has attempted and failed to make delivery due to restricted access and the customer has paid for home or commercial delivery, the shipping company will rightfully still demand payment for their time and effort. There will not be a refund of shipping costs and the customer will still be responsible for pickup.

Returns for refunds are not accepted because home/commercial delivery is unavailable for any reason. A home office is NOT a commercial location. Delivery to home or office is curbside. The shipping company cannot take your propane refrigerator into the building for you. Customers should be ready to move the unit with a handtruck or other means from the curb to where it needs to be.

The Bottom Line On Shipping: No matter what, you must have the ability to pick your purchase up at the freight terminal... and be prepared to do so if other shipping options fall through!